Journey Concept



What is the Journey Concept?

The Journey Concept is a unique concept to develop different kinds of media for educational and awareness-raising purposes that greatly impact the users' knowledge and behavior. It consits of the four main pillars:

  • User-centric approach
  • Personalization
  • Storytelling
  • Interactive design

The name Journey Concept is based on the storytelling components used within Journey Media. Storytelling combined with interactive, personalizable elements take the users on a their very own journey through the content and makes the corresponding media a relatable knowledge source that supports them on every step of their journey through life.

Journey Media has the goal to seamlessly include themselves into the users' lives and to become an important part in their everyday life by supporting the individual development of the user.

The Journey Concept was developed on the basis research findings in the field of sustainable information development in South Africa, so it results from first hand experiences with aid organizations, psycho-social and health workers, facilitators and people living in underserved communities (see, About). The entire concept is tailored to ensure a sustainable knowledge transfer for people from less and least development countries and enables people to help themselves.

Empowering people to help themselves is the most crucial goal of education campaigns, as it is the only form of aid that is sustainable for a country’s society. 

Why should we use the Journey Concept?

Most educational media is topic-centric providing information about a specific topic to a broad, heterogenic user group - however, knowledge is not being transmitted sustainably due to the inadequate presentation and scope of information.

The Journey Concepts really focusses on the people. The user and his specific needs and problems play the central role of the media. The entire content is tailored to the characteristics of the target group and is localized to their specific personal environment. Its goal is to provide recipient with exactly the right information and support they need to improve their own lives and to develop required life skills.

Journey Media not only transmits knowledge about relevant topics, but also provides moral support and encourages the development of resilience and vital life skills - an all-rounder for a sustainable personal development and a happy and successful life.

At this, the topics addressed in Journey media can be versatile and will be adapted to your specific project. For example, you can:

  • Support HIV-positive people in living a healthy and happy life  with HIV
  • Educate people from rural areas about the most efficient water cleansing techniques
  • Or Inform immigrants about the behavioral rules and traditions of their target country.

There are no limits to the Journey Concept. Get in contact to figure out how your project can be supported by individual Journey media!

User-Centric Approach

The users play the most fundamental and crucial role in the creation process of the Journey media. Their personal and study characteristics such as social background, age, gender, educational level or prior knowledge determine the scope, the depth and the structure of the content, the difficulty degree of information, the media choice and the entire presentation of the information substantially. Those characteristics influence directly whether teaching material is adequate or not, regarding its understandability, usability and quality.

Content is only understandable and can result in a learning success, if it is created according to the target groups’ needs and abilities. Today’s educational material is often directed towards an unspecific target group, leaving out those who need specific adaptations. The Journey Concept is changing this since the user plays the most central role for the development of the corresponding teaching media. Instead of providing topic-centred information of which a great amount might not be relevant for the users, Journey media transmits comprehensive cross-curricular knowledge that is relevant for the development of the specific user group.


Journey media is highly personalizable and has the goal for its users to make it their very own learning medium. Personal sections including interactive exercises allow the users not only to personalize the content but also to draw parallels between their individual lives and the presented information thus relating to the information at a personal level.

Through this individual connection between personal life and content the users are being encouraged to think deeply about themselves and their problems, and to develop at an own pace.


In Journey media, storytelling sends the recipients on a journey within the educational material on which they can acquire knowledge and life skills.

Storytelling is a method that uses stories purposefully to transmit and present content in a relatable way. Storytelling integrates information into narratives and transmits them goal-oriented and systematically.

The narratives promote mental engagement with the information and increase the communicative quality of the educational material, thus making information more understandable and encouraging the recipients to think and to learn actively. Consequently, storytelling ensures a sustainable knowledge transfer.

Moreover, it increases the user's internal morivation to engage with the educational material, as it arouses curiosity, creates excitement and triggers emotions purposefully.

Interactive Design

Journey media includes multiple exercise that support the active engagement with the content.

The interaction with the information material allows the users allows the users to learn in a joyful and interesting way and increases their motivation to learn and their interest in the respective subjects thus promoting a sustainable knowledge transfer.

Furthermore, the active engament with the content impels the user to reproduce aquired prior knowledge and to combine it with the new information. This process enables the user to convert information into knowledge and ti successfully include the recently aquired knowledge into his long term memory - a great learning success.

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