The 'Treasure Yourself - My HIV Journey Book' is an interactive and personalizable work book created for the HIV/AIDS education of HIV positive children from South Africa. Based on the Journey Concept, I developed this My Journey Book in close cooperation with psychosocial workers, health workers and facilitators. The My Journey Book is a buddy to accompany and support the children on their very own journey through a life with HIV. At this, the My Journey Book is target group-centered, meaning that it addresses all topics that are relevant for the children's successful personal development and that its entire content is tailored to the their needs and abilities. The book provides them with useful information about HIV and AIDS tailored to HIV-positive people, gives them insight into all topics that are most relevant for them to live a happy and healthy life. Additionally, it supports them in coping with challenges of their every day life by actively engaging with their personal problems, fears, dreams and strengths through fun filled exercises.

Find out more about the 'Treasure Yourself - My HIV Journey Book' and get in contact to discover how the My Journey Book can be adapted to the individual requirements of your user group and the specific goals of your initiative.

The Journey Concept allows for the creation of target group-oriented media for education and awareness-raising campaigns that encourages people to engage with an issue and to actively work on improving their lives. The concept has been developed to elaborate educational media that not just provides information about a certain topic, but that has the power to influence people's lives for the better by actively involving them in the learning process. While the My Journey Book was created as part of a project with Generation Ubuntu according to this organization's specific needs and the project circumstances, the Journey Concept is versatile and must not necessarily be used to create a book. It is likely that your organization's education campaign requires a different media type to reach its target group. Also, Journey media can address all different kinds of topics and issues, it is not limited to HIV education.

Find out more about how the Journey Concept and its four main pillars user-centric approach, personalization, storytelling and interactive design can be used to create impactful educational material for your individual project, here.

The project started with my master's thesis, which I wrote in cooperation with the aid organization Generation Ubuntu in South Africa, the Khayelitsha township to be exact. Within the scope of my master's thesis I researched about the program's effectiveness and the unique problems and life circumstances of the program participants. Based on my findings I developed impactful teaching material to support and educate children and teenager living with HIV. With this project of the heart, the My Journey Book was born - including the Journey Concept, a concept to develop influential media that has the power to sustainably affect the personal development of people thus making a big difference for awareness-raising and education campaigns from all around the globe.

Get more details about me and the My Journey Book project, here.

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